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TKB's Claims re: 7-Up

Next stop The Seven-up Company as Chief Marketing Officer ... Remember, "The Uncola?" ... one of my campaigns.
Claim found at TKB blog on Ryze.com ~2004 | Copy of webpage, archived on 6/16/12

Chief Marketing Officer
The Seven-Up Company 19881995 (7 years)

Architect of the most significant turn around of a brand in its category. Dramatically increased the presence of the brand as a major player in the food service category. Launched the aggressive involvement of the company in motion pictures and concert sponsorship and promotion. Launched the ground breaking No Caffeine category which is credited with revitalizing the brand.
TKB profile on LinkedIn | cached copy 6/16/12

Facts about the 7-Up Company

The Uncola campaign was created in the 1970's by J. Walter Thompson (ad agency). It is listed as #61 on the top 100 advertising campaigns of the century. AdAge article

The "No Caffeine" campaign was launched in 1982. The campaign launched 7UP sales into an unprecedented period of growth. GourmetSleuth timeline | Jace Daniel's history of 7-Up

"In 1982, Ayer's Dominick Rossi and Patrick Cunningham created spots touting the fact that 7UP contained no caffeine.... The campaign alienated 7UP bottlers, which also handled caffeinated drinks, leading Philip Morris to sell the international portion of Seven-Up to PepsiCo in 1986 and the U.S. division to Hicks & Haas Investment Group, Dallas, which also owned Dr Pepper Co. The U.S. company was later renamed Dr Pepper/Seven Up." AdAge Encyclopedia

TK Brejla was a Foodservice Promotions Manager for 7-Up in 1989 Documents from UCSF re Malibu Grand Prix

7-Up did not use the title "Chief Marketing Officer" until 2003, when John Clarke retired as Chief Advertising Officer, having started as Senior VP of Advertising ~1998. 2003 AdWeek article about 7-Up's switch to CMO title | Superbowl-Ads article quoting John Clarke as 7-Up's Chief Advertising Officer | 1998 Beverage Digest artile about John Clarke taking over advertising at 7-Up

From 1987 to June 1994, the Senior VP of Advertising for 7-Up was Russ Klein.
1987 Sun-Sentinal article quoting Russ Klein | 1993 Chicago Tribune article quoting Russ Klein